The Nigeria Humanist Policy Centre (NHPC) promotes secular views on Nigerian social issues. 

NHPC wants to:

1) end the Almajiri system in northern Nigeria. 10 million boys (as young as five-years-old) have been sent to mosques by their impoverished parents, where they are enslaved in wretched quarters, taught only the Koran, and sent into streets to beg for alms. Many later join Boko Haram.  

2) end persecution of "witch children" in southeast Nigeria. Christian ministers scapegoat children for village problems; the children are tortured, killed, or exiled, as "witches."

3) help orphan girls in Borno State (home of the "Chibok girls") who were victimized by Boko Haram. We want to provide them with education, and protection from sexual predators, early marriage, and recruitment as child bombers.

4) promote education, women's rights, economic development, and birth control.

5) assist Nigerian humanists & apostates.

Our strategy is to promote our views via this website, plus Nigerian newspapers, magazines, student clubs, radio talk shows, television, Facebook, Gbooza, twitter, reddit. Our concerns will also be communicated to Nigerian professors, politicians, and business leaders via an email newsletter. 

We welcome partners, alliances, directors, volunteers, and donations.

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